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Yes! I want the life changing benefits of the Abundance Course - right now. Since I am ordering today, I will also receive 5 free bonuses:

"In My Own Words" by Lester Levenson; "Will Power" by Lester Levenson; "How To Eliminate Resistance to Having Success."; "The Ideal Made Real" by Christian D. Larson; and "The Greatest Money Making Secret Ever Told" by Dr. Joe Vitale

I also understand that my order is guaranteed as follows: If within 30 days, I have not experienced an extraordinary improvement in my life, or if I am dissatisfied with “The Abundance Course” in any way, my refund request will be honored immediately.

So remember, this is an opportunity for you to experience the Abundance Course and prove to yourself that all of the benefits we have claimed are true.

The complete course, which comes in a beautifully bound vinyl album, will help you resolve and dissolve resistance to accomplishing your heart’s deepest desires. The course also includes a workbook jam-packed full of life-changing exercises. You will have one profound insight after another.

Plus you get FREE coaching support . . .

Your purchase even includes free coaching. If you’re stuck, just give us a call.

This one benefit alone is worth many times the entire cost of the course. Personal and professional coaches typically charge $100-500 and more per hour - and they don't guarantee anything!

And if this isn’t enough, I will also include three fabulous bonus audios valued at over $65—absolutely free. These are yours to keep even if you return the course materials for a full refund.

Bonus Audio One ($21.95)

You’ll receive the "In My Own Words" audio in which you receive personal tips from Lester on how to achieve that natural state called "Happiness With No Sorrow".

Bonus Audio Two ($21.95)

As a second bonus you will receive a special audio entitled "Will Power" where Lester talks about the role that will power takes in personal growth and achievement (it's not what you think).

Bonus Audio Three ($21.95)

And finally, a third free bonus audio covers "How To Eliminate Resistance to Having Success" in which Larry Crane will walk you through very powerful exercises to bring you up into a place of quiet, powerful, beingness which will give you a rich taste of the state of limitlessness that Lester enjoyed everyday. The name of this tape is the "General Clean-up Tape."


When you order today, we will also include two special ebooks for customers who purchase through the Abundance Course website only titled:

  • The Greatest Money-Making Secret In History! by Dr. Joe Vitale ($13.95)*

  • The Ideal Made Real by Christian D. Larson ($23.00)*

This entire package has a retail value of $331.80 - plus free coaching valued at over $200 per hour.

But when you order today, you receive everything for only $259.00 plus s&h - and it's all guaranteed for 30-days or your money back. And, the free gifts are yours to keep just for proving to yourself this program really works.

*Send a copy of your receipt to to receive your two free e-books. These two e-books are offered exclusively through and are not in any way affiliated with or endorsed by Lawrence Crane Enterprises, Inc. or Please DO NOT request these e-books from them, as they have nothing to do with this exclusive offer.

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Abundance Course - Compact Discs or Cassettes

Includes binder with 20 sessions on 10-instructional audios, a power-packed workbook & three bonus audios.


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